Hold A Club Clue Detective Event

Holding a Clue Detective puzzle event is fun, and a great way to maintain good mental health!

We live in an ageing population, and it is very sobering to think that more than 70,000 Victorians  alone are suffering from dementia. 

However, we were heartened by the statistic provided by Alzheimer’s Australia who say that “adults with hobbies that exercise their brain are 2.5 times less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Club Clue Detective iniative, involves the hosting of social puzzle events at local cafes, and encouraging the solving of puzzles in the wider community.

 These events aim to provide people with the opportunity to:

  • enjoy a social outing 
  • make new friends, or catch up with old ones
  • indulge in a mentally stimulating activity that lots of fun

Solving puzzles is highly beneficial for our brains, but it can also be very solitary.  If you can combine it with a social occasion, it’s a win-win for everybody!

 It is the perfect way to spend an hour or so doing something that is social, enjoyable and beneficial for your mental health.

There is a fee of $12.95 per person, payable on the day, or you can pre-order.

  • Enjoy social interaction, making new friends (or get together with old ones), who share a common interest
  • Solve puzzles in a happy and relaxed setting
  • Morning/afternoon tea provided
  • Exclusive special offers
  • Clue Detective puzzle memberships are available to purchase.  >

Club Clue Detective Facilitators Wanted

For any inquiries, please contact Catherine on 0458 591 799 or email catherine@cluedetectivepuzzlesonline.com
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