Clue Detective Daily Puzzles – 11 December 2017

Welcome to the new puzzle week.  Today we are unveiling your new Daily Mental Gymnastics Regimen.   We hope you find this  helpful in planning your daily puzzling activities.

Each day we will post a 15×15 quick crossword, 15×15 codeword and sudoku together with a Feature puzzle.

Day Feature Puzzle
Monday 19×19 Quick Crossword
Tuesday **New (Vocabulary) Puzzle Unveiling**
Wednesday Cryptic Day
Thursday   21×21 Codeword Puzzle
Friday **New (Logic) Puzzle Unveiling**

People’s Choice Puzzle – please send your favourites

Sunday 21×21 General Knowledge Crossword or
20 Questions Trivia Quiz

Today’s Puzzle Selection:

15×15 Quick Crossword No. 126
15×15 Codeword  No. 193
Sudoku No. 140
19×19 Quick Crossword No. 136


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