Clue Detective Daily Puzzles – 17 December 2017

A trivia quiz is a great game for all ages. They are terrific for boosting general knowledge without a puzzle grid,  and can even played as a team.  I remember my Grade 5 teacher lining two groups of students in front of the blackboard (call them Team A and B), and then putting questions to us.  If student got it right, they kept going, and if they got it wrong, they  sat down.  The team with the highest score won.  It could get very competitive!

These days when we are faced with a question we don’t know the answer to, our immediate response is “I’ll Google it!”.  When you are solving a trivia quiz (or a crossword puzzle) it should be no different. Some people regard this as cheating, but it isn’t, it’s research.  You are learning something and it is helping you solve the puzzle, so go for it!

Today’s Puzzle Selection:

15×15 Quick Crossword No. 128
15×15 Codeword No. 216
Sudoku No. 133
20 Questions Trivia Quiz No. 1
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