Clue Detective Daily Puzzles – 18 December 2017

Welcome to a new week of puzzling and mental gymnastics.  Monday is Quick Crossword Day at the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency.  This puts us in mind of one of our favourite board games, Scrabble.

When you look at a Scrabble board, you will see that it is a 15×15 square grid.  When you play a game you are effectively building a crossword from scratch.

Holidays are the perfect time to play Scrabble, so we would like to set you a little challenge.  When you are play a game, make a list of the words that make up your board at the end and send them to us.  We can then work them into a crossword/codeword puzzle for you.

Today’s Puzzle Selection:

15×15 Quick Crossword No. 16
15×15 Codeword No. 225
Sudoku No. 85
19×19 Quick Crossword No. 143
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