Clue Detective Daily Puzzles – 9 December 2017

Introducing Submit Your Favourite (Puzzle) Saturday!

As always at the Clue Detective, we are eager to provide you with the puzzles that you enjoy solving.  We have therefore come up with the idea of a People’s Choice puzzle,  This is where you get to submit your suggestions from the Clue Detective range.

  • Quick Crossword
  • General Knowledge Crossword
  • Cryptic Crossword
  • Codeword 
  • Trivia Quiz

If you have any other suggestions, we would also love to hear about them.  We are continually open to new ideas.

To start us off, we have gone with one of our favourites – the 19×19 Quick Crossword, perfect for a relaxing weekend.  We hope you enjoy it!

To send us your ideas, you can post them in the comments below or send us via our contact page

Today’s Puzzle Selection:

15×15 Quick Crossword No. 119
15×15 Codeword  No.  221
Sudoku No. 80
19×19 Quick Crossword No. 144

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