Clue Detective General Knowledge Trivia for Mental Gymnastics

If you enjoy challenging yourself with trivia quizzes, and expanding your general knowledge, we hope you have fun solving the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency’s trivia questions.  Our quizzes are designed to help you expand your general knowledge and vocabulary at the same time.

Like the crossword, the general knowledge trivia quiz is fact based, with questions related to a variety of different topics – geography, history, sport, music, literature, movies and famous (or not so famous) quotations.  The difference is you don’t need to fit the answers into a puzzle grid.

There are a number of ways to do this type of puzzle.  You might solve it on the train on the way to work, using your Smartphone.  If you have your own reference library, it’s a great way to relax and unwind at home after a busy day.   Simply work through the quiz, answering the clues you know the answers to, and access the required books as you need them.  You will not only have the satisfaction of solving the quiz, but also that your books are being used, not just sitting on the bookshelf, gathering dust.

Always remember, whether you are at home, in the library, or out and about, the Internet provides a  wealth of information    With all the different forms of modern technology we have at our disposal these days, it’s very easy to solve a trivia quiz wherever we are and enjoy a dose of mental gymnastics to enhance our brain health.

Never be worried that you don’t know the answer to a trivia quiz question.  Working out the solution is all part of the fun.  Treat every puzzle you do as stepping stone in the journey of building your general knowledge.

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency’s General Knowledge Trivia Quiz always contains an element of mystery because you have to decipher the word when you have all the answers.  You will feel like a detective solving a case!



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