Clue Detective Crossword Puzzles Designed For Special Occasions

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency can create a hand-made, customised crossword puzzle, using words and clues selected by you. 

These puzzles would be perfect for marking a significant occasion – an  ‘0’ Birthday, an wedding/anniversary, or as an alternative to a Christmas place-card, or bon-bon.

Once you purchase this item, you will need to supply us with a list of words and correspondending clues that you would like us to incorporate into the puzzle grid. It is important that you include as many clue options as you can, but please bear in mind that we will not be able to use every word that you provide, because of the restrictions of the puzzle grid.  However we will try to include as many of your requested words as possible. The rest of the puzzle will be filled with general clues and answers.

Once we’ve created you puzzle, we will send it to you in electronic format so that you can approve the final version. If you notice that some of the ‘general’ words have significance for you, please feel free to nominate an equally meaningful puzzle clue.

Puzzles can be designed in a range of shapes – the traditional square or oblong, or for an occasion such as a wedding/anniversary, you may prefer to choose a heart or a diamond.  Should your puzzle be for Christmas, you may like to select a Christmas tree!

Once we have your final approval, we will put the finishing touches to the puzzle and clues and send you the completed puzzle, and solution, in pdf and word format. You will then be able to use these files in whatever way you choose, and print your required number of copies.

We hope you find the idea of incorporating a crossword puzzle into your special celebration fun, and we look forward to working with you!

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