Clue Detective Take a Break With a Puzzle Marketing Program

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency has combined the concept of taking a break with solving a puzzle to come up with an innovative way to promote a business and  encourage customers to return.  It’s called the  Take a Break and Solve a Puzzle flyer series.

These flyers are ideal for businesses such as cafes/restaurants, motels, B&B’s, caravan parks, hairdressers and travel agents, any business where customers are spending time or are required to wait.
Take A Break With A Puzzle provides many benefits for the business owner:

  • They add value to your customer’s experience, and encourage them to return.
  • The Clue Detective Take A Break flyer contains 3 puzzles – a crossword, a Sudoku and a codeword. This means there is a puzzle to suit everyone’s tastes.  Most importantly, each flyer includes an entire panel that promotes your business. i
  • Take a Break with a Puzzle flyers directly promote your business.  They feature your business’ name, a photo, logo, URL, address, phone number, social media links, e.g. Facebook and Twitter)
  • It is a simple, yet very effective idea.
  • Want more exposure? Promote Your Business in a Clue Detective Puzzle Magazine

How Does it Work?

  • Take a Break flyers are sold in bundles of 100.  This enables businesses to provide a variety of puzzles for their customers some of whom may wish to take more than one flyer, or come back for more.
  • Businesses customise their flyer purchases on their existing stock levels (eg 10x #1-#10; #3×100).
  •  There is no regular commitment (eg. monthly, annual fee).  It is strictly ‘pay as you go’, and as your business requires them.
  • Flyers are printed on eco-friendly paper, white 100gsm
  • Black print or add $25 for colour.
  • Postage is included – Australia-wide.
  • For quantities of more than 500, please contact us for information and/or a quote

Order Online or Contact Us for a Quote

Note: Once we receive your order, we will be in touch to find out the combination of flyers you require.

Clue Detective Puzzle Agency 'Take A Break And Solve A Puzzle' Business Branded Flyers Bundle of 100 (Black and White)
Clue Detective Puzzle Agency ‘Take A Break And Solve A Puzzle’ Business Branded Flyers Bundle of 100 (Black and White)

Each bundle contains five different puzzle flyers, 200 copies of each.
They also feature your:
– Logo
– Contact Details
– Two photos of your business

Price: $250.00

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