Codeword Puzzles Help Boost Logic And Improve Spelling

Have you discovered codewords? They are fun, challenging word puzzle games, that really make you feel like a detective, because you have to nut out the hidden code.

Codewords are crossword puzzles in reverse.  They do not have dictionary or general knowledge-based clues. They consist of a coded puzzle grid, and each letter of the alphabet is (randomly) represented by a number 1-26, so A might be 26 and Z might be 1.

Codewords can be real brain teasers.  The challenge with this type of puzzle is to crack the code, and decipher all the words in the puzzle grid. 

A small number of given letters (sometimes 1, maybe 2 or 3, depending on the difficulty of the puzzle) are provided to start the puzzler off.  The puzzler’s challenge is to then analyse the numerical patterns, to work out which letter is which to spell out all the words in the puzzle grid.

Solving codewords is very good for improving logic skills and critical thinking.  Puzzlers will feel a great sense of achievement when they realise they have ‘cracked’ the code.  It can be a real ‘Aha moment’!

Things to look out for when analysing the numerical patterns to crack the code:

  • The highest number of letters in the puzzle grid, is most likely to be a common vowel eg. E or A.
  • There are a number of cases where two of the same letter can appear together.  Examples of these include: BB, DD, OO, SS.
  • The letter S often appears at the end of a word, and acts as a word connector because it determines whether or not a word is plural.
  • The letter Q is often only used once (depending on the whims of the codeword setter), which makes it easy to spot. If it has been used to make to words – across and down, the Q can only be followed by a U.

Solving codewords is a great way to learn new words, build vocabulary, and improve logic and spelling. Once the puzzler has cracked the puzzles in-built code, all they have to do is to work with the numerical patterns to spell out the words in the grid.  Provided they have the code correct, their spelling will be as well.

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