Could You Be A Clue Detective Puzzle Proofreader?

As puzzling as it may appear, proofreaders are an essential part of the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency.

This particularly pertinent role not only ensures the best quality puzzles and products for our puzzlers, but also enables us to publish as many puzzles as we can possibly produce.

Therefore we are looking for puzzlers to pre-test and test-solve puzzles before they’re made public, to guarantee excellent puzzling products for our puzzlers.

In exchange for your proofreading perfectionism and pedantic performance, you will gain full access to the Clue Detective puzzle database, including all the crosswords, codewords, Sudoku and trivia your brain can handle, for the length of your proofreading participation.

In addition to this benefit,  whenever you make a  purchase  in the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency Online Shop, you will receive an additional 20% discount.  Simply use the coupon code PROOFREADER when checking out.  Feel free to pass this on to your family and friends who are interested in puzzles.

Proofreaders will receive regular emails from us with links to draft puzzles and it is up to you which puzzles you choose to check for us.  All you need to do is to solve the puzzle and email us with any problems you find.  We’re human and sometimes make the odd spelling mistake or miss a letter in a codeword.  

In the event, you are unable to solve a puzzle, or are having major problems, please let us know.  We don’t rate their difficulty because different puzzlers have different puzzling capabilities, however we want to make sure they can at least be solved.

With your help we can produce more quality puzzles on a regular basis.

For more information regarding this particular, purposeful and present role, please contact Catherine at, or register your interest.

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