Spend Your Daily Commute To Work Solving Puzzles

Are you one of those people that spend several hours a day travelling to work on public transport? It can get pretty boring, can’t it?  Perhaps you need a new challenge.

Why not start solving crosswords daily while you commute to work. They are fun, and a great  way to get your brain working for the day ahead, and increase your vocabulary at the same time.

You may choose to solve the crossword puzzles in the newspaper, but as you become more proficient, one or two puzzles may not be enough get you through a trip.

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency highly recommends the Daily Mail (newspaper) crossword series? These are great little books for a number of reasons.   They are guaranteed to give you hours and hours of mentally stimulating fun.  Each quick crossword book contains 200 puzzles, and the cryptic crossword books contain 100. It’s like taking the newspaper crossword on the train, but in a much more compact format.  They will easily fit in a handbag or briefcase, and you won’t need nearly as much elbow-room when trying to unfold the paper, which can be tricky when you are sitting between two other passengers.

Nominating a time during a day to solve crosswords is a great proactive way to keep your brain fit and active, improve your vocabulary and test your memory.

So what are you waiting for? Once you have your crossword puzzles, you just have to wait for the train or the bus to arrive. When you arrive at work, you will be feeling fantastic, and ready to begin your working day!


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