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If you are new to Clue Detective, you can xperience our range of puzzles before subscribing. Wwe trust you will enjoy sampling our demo selection.  They are guaranteed to get you thinking, boost your word power, and keep you entertained for hours at a time. 

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Demo Clue Detective 21×21 Codewords

One of the many benefits of solving a Clue Detective online codeword puzzle, is that to do it successfully you have to have all your spelling completely correct.  Codewords are great to solve when you are out and about, over coffee or on the daily commute to work.  One of the main advantages is that you can easily play them on your tablet.

Demo Clue Detective 21×21 Codeword #1
Demo Clue Detective 21×21 Codeword #2
Demo Clue Detective 21×21 Codeword #3

Demo Clue Detective Demo Kids’ Crossword

Crosswords puzzles are a fantastic educational game for your kids to play to enhance their thinking, logic and language skills. They are also an activity that all the family can enjoy together.

Crossword are ideal boredom buster for a long trip or flight.  Your kids can play the puzzles on their iPads, which they will love because it gives them a legitimate reason for ‘screen time’.  Get them calling out the clues to the family, and see how long it takes to solve the puzzle.  You will be arriving at your destination before you know it, and nobody will be frazzled!

Demo Kids’ Crossword #1

Demo Clue Detective 19×19 Quick Crosswords

Demo 19×19 Quick Crossword #1
Demo 19×19 Quick Crossword #2
Demo 19×19 Quick Crossword #3

Demo Clue Detective 21×21 General Knowledge Crosswords

Clue Detective general knowledge crossword puzzles take you on a voyage of discovery because of the eclectic nature of the clues, which cover a huge range of topics.

Demo 21×21 General Knowledge Crossword #1
Demo  21×21 General Knowledge Crossword #2
Demo  21×21 General Knowledge Crossword #3

Demo Cryptic Crosswords 


Denise Sutherland alias ‘Nixie’ 

Coming Soon:

Asuquo Udofia alias C. Ross Ward 

Demo Clue Detective Sudoku

Playing sudoku puzzles is a great way to improve your logic and problem solving skills. You will feel a huge sense of achievement when you place the last number in the grid and everything fits.

Demo Sudoku #1
Demo Sudoku #2
Demo Sudoku #3

Demo Clue Detective ‘Timeline Trivia’ Quizzes

At Clue Detective, we love our history, and we believe that our Timeline Trivia Quizzes are an innovative way to learn all about times past.  It’s so interesting when you find out that two famous events occurred within days of each other.  We all contribute to history in our way by having a birthday.  Who and what do you share your birthday with?

Timeline Trivia Quiz – 15 March 
Timeline Trivia Quiz – 5 July
Timeline Trivia Quiz – 2 October

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