Foster Lifelong Learning : Launch A Retirement Village Online Puzzle Club!

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency promotes the huge benefits of solving puzzles to people of all ages, particularly seniors and retirees. One of the many advantages is that they provide the opportunity to engage in an activity that fosters  lifelong learning


By visiting, your retirement village residents can login to play a wide selection of original crossword, codeword and sudoku puzzles. They can be solved on a PC, laptop or tablet. Puzzles are constantly added, so there is always something new. The puzzles can be accessed wherever there is a WiFi connection available.

Forming an online puzzle club in your retirement village can be a wonderful asset to your lifestyle activities program. It will be an something that participants will enjoy doing all year round. You may choose to run your puzzle club as a group activity. Using a large flat screen television is very helpful for facilitating group participation. The use of (individual) iPads can also help residents boost their digital literacy.

 A Clue Detective organisational membership is available for you to allow your retirement village to offer free online puzzles to your residents as a value-added service. There is also an individual option. A growing number of public libraries also offer our puzzles as an e-resource. Residents who belong to the library can gain free access using their library barcode and pin. Simply ask your library if they subscribe, and if they don’t, perhaps make a suggestion to purchase.

Solving online puzzles as a group activity is very rewarding for all involved.  You are able to draw on everyone’s knowledge, and people will learn things they never knew before, as well as actively contribute. It is also a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of lifelong learning in a friendly, social setting.

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