Got a New Gizmo for Christmas and Are Not Sure Where To Start? Ask Your Library For Help!

 Got a new gizmo for Christmas and are not sure where to start? Online puzzles and crosswords are a great way to get yourself familiar with your new tablet, smart phone, laptop or computer and to keep your brain in check at the same time!


The best bit is that these days there is no need to wait for the next newspaper edition for some new mental stimulation, you can fire up your device at any time and instantly reap the benefits of solving puzzles and crosswords online through Clue Detective Puzzle Agency. And if you’d still prefer to use a pen and paper, their puzzles are printable!


Many Australian libraries offer members free access to a great collection of online resources, like Goldfields Libraries eLibrary in Victoria. Many of these online resources can be quite costly to subscribe to as an individual, but accessing them as a member of your local library is free. What’s the catch? There isn’t one – you simply need to become a member of your local library, which is free.


Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is quickly gaining popularity with libraries and members as a great way to gain some mental stimulation in a relaxed and fun way, reaping the benefits of solving crossword puzzles. Goldfields Libraries offers its members free access via


Other ways libraries may be able to help you with you new gizmo include free one-on-one and group technical sessions covering topics like setting up a new iPad or tablet, downloading digital music, getting set up on email, social media, creating digital books and how to shop online.


So if you have just received a new gizmo for Christmas or you’re thinking of purchasing one in 2017, visit your local library’s website to see if you can access Clue Detective Puzzle Agency. If they don’t have it, ask them to get it for a fun and effective way to get tech savvy!



For information about Goldfields E-Library contact: Emma Newman, phone 03 5449 2791, email

For more information about Clue Detective subscriptions contact: Catherine Eagleson 0474 199 389



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