Have You Tried A Codeword Yet?

Have you tried a Clue Detective codeword yet?  These puzzles are great for puzzlers of all ages to solve.  

Codewords are Portable
Clue Detective codeword puzzles are very easy to solve wherever you are.  They are great to solve on your tablet.  Set yourself a challenge to solve one on the train trip to work, during your lunch-hour, or on a visit to your local library.

Tips and Tricks

  • Look for double numbers in the puzzle grid.  These indicate double letters eg. EE, OO, BB, TT
  • Look for a letter that appears many times.  It can indicate a common vowel, such as E or A
  • The same 3 numbers appearing at the end of words can indicated ING
  • A number that only appears once (or maybe twice) that has the same number following can indicate the Q.

When solving a Clue Detective codeword, one of the big advantages is that you don’t need to worry if you make a mistake.  Our program will put the letter you choose in the squares automatically, but it’s all about using your logic and educated guesswork.  If discover you have put a letter in an incorrect square, simply delete and try again.

Codewords are Flexible
Codewords can be designed to suit different levels and abilities simply by the words used in the grids and the number of given letters provided.  In some ways they are like a game of Hangman, only you have crossword puzzle grid to play with to work out the words in the puzzle.  There can even be a mystery word or phrase built in for you to decipher at the end.

Codewords for the Kids
If you are looking for fun activity for your kids, or perhaps to play as a family, why not try some codewords?  Start with some easy ones, those with 3 letters and perhaps have some words with more of a pattern.  If you need to make it easier for the kids, simply add a couple of letters for them.  They will love playing ‘Detective’. Not only are they educational, and will help with spelling and word power, they are also lots of fun.

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