Introducing the Clue Detective Daily Online Puzzle Regimen

We are very delighted to announce that over the weekend we have reached 150,000 visitors to our site. We would like to thank everyone for their support over the years, and trust that you will continue to enjoy our puzzles now and well into the future!


This week we are introducing daily puzzles Clue Detective-style, and we are calling the Clue Detective Daily Online Puzzle Regimen. Each day on our blog, we will be list a small selection of puzzles that are available on our Online Puzzle Portal.  The idea is to give you some daily inspiration for your puzzling.

The puzzles will not be published in any particular order.  In fact they will be quite random.  This is because we realise all our puzzlers’ experiences are different, and the puzzles they have solved will vary. If you find our selection is one you have already solved, simply choose another from the 900+ puzzles on offer.

It is also a good way for us to show you the depth of the puzzles we offer. both early material and right up to the minute!  We will choose from each type of puzzle and welcome suggestions. Simply leave a comment on the blog for the particular day.

In order to a solve these puzzles, you will need to be a Clue Detective member.  Alternatively, if your public library is a subscriber, you will be able to gain access through your library card, barcode and pin.  If you find your library doesn’t yet subscribe, perhaps you can make a suggestion that they purchase.

We hope you enjoy delving into what is available in the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal and continue to discover the benefits that puzzling on a daily basis provides for your (mental) health and wellbeing.

Happy puzzling!


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