Mastering the Art of the Sudoku Puzzle

Are you looking for a new challenge? Perhaps you are looking to embark on a new hobby.  Why not take up Sudoku?  We have found  the perfect book to get you started.  It’s called Mastering Sudoku in 52 Weeks – 52 Steps to Becoming a Sudoku Wizard. It has heaps of great tips and strategies  for solving these clever puzzles.

  • It’s a  complete course in mastering the art of sudoku – with 52 puzzles specially designed to give you hands-on training in the full range of techniques.
  • Expert tactics and tips to take you from basic puzzles right up to the highest level of difficulty.
  • Draws on the most effective strategies devised by sudoku boffins in Japan, Europe and the United States.
  • Clearly explains advanced techniques such as non-unique rectangles, XY wings and the fearsome and controversial Nishio.
  • Includes tips on key patterns to watch out for and ways to improve your solving speed.

This is a great book to help you sharpening your Sudoku skills.  Why not grab a copy today?  If you are looking for Sudoku puzzles to solve, the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency publishes a free weekly sudoku, or you may be interested in subscribing to one of our memberships, which gives you complete access to our full puzzle database.

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