New Puzzles Have Landed in the Clue Detective Portal!

The Clue Detective has landed with another great selection of new puzzles for you to challenge yourself with.  Choose your favourite, and start solving.  They are great to play solo or in a group.

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Does Your Public Library Subscribe to Clue Detective?  If So, You Have Free Access As Part of Your Membership.

Does Your Library Subscribe? Find Out Here

Once your library becomes a Clue Detective member, any borrower holding a valid library card can use the Online Puzzle Portal, generally with their barcode and pin.

Check out our List of Public Libraries to login, and if your library hasn’t heard about us, perhaps make a suggestion to purchase.  Then it will benefit all library users.

Discover the Benefits of Solving Puzzles with the Clue Detective

Clue Detective puzzle games provide substantial benefits for all ages.  They are fun, educational and improve logic, word power and general knowledge.

Once a member, you will have access to our puzzles all year round. It is a good idea to visit regularly as new material is always being added to this growing resource.  The Clue Detective Online Puzzle contains over 900 puzzles (crosswords – quick, cryptic, 2 speed, general knowledge, codewords, sudoku).

We also love feedback and suggestions about the puzzles you would like to see in the Clue Detective Puzzle Portal.  Feel free to drop us a line any time.

The Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal guarantees to provide you with hours and hours of mentally stimulating fun!

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