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Welcome!  You have officially ‘landed’ at our Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal!  This is the place where you can challenge yourself to a daily mental workout with our fantastic range of crosswords, codewords and Sudoku.

Each day we post some puzzling inspiration on our Blog, and please send your  suggestions about the puzzles you would like to see more of.  Creating the puzzles you want to solve is our No. 1 priority!

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Quick Crosswords by Clue Detective
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 General Knowledge Crosswords by Clue Detective
*15×15 Grids  *21×21 Grids
 Cryptic Crossword Collection
 *Cryptic Crosswords by Nixie
Nixie Flip (2 Speed) Crosswords 
*Krypton Cryptic Crosswords
Codewords by the Clue Detective
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 Sudoku Puzzles by the Clue Detective
 Filmograppuzzle Cryptograms by the Clue Detective
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