Introducing Clue Detective’s “Bulls-Eye” Word Building Game

For us Clue Detectives, we realise that puzzling is essentially business as usual.

We have been reflecting on this recently, and it reminded us of a song on Men at Work’s 1981 album of the same name.  It’s called People Just Love to Play With Words, and really sums up what puzzling is all about.  Have a listen, and as you enjoy the transcendant strains of saxophone, see if you can you spot the crossword reference.

One of the wonderful things about the English language is that short words can be found hiding in longer words, and often they bear no relation whatsoever.  Playing this as a game helps our thinking, concentration and attention skills.  Best of all, anybody can do it.  You can start small, and the more you practise the more proficient you become.

On that note, this has given us an idea for a new Clue Detective puzzle game/competition.  This sort of game is not new, we are simply adapting and putting own stamp on it.  We are calling it Bulls-Eye!


Each week we will give you a long, interesting word to ‘play with’, and your challenge is to find as many words as you can and see if you can bear our target. 

There are a few rules:

  • Words have to be four letters or more
  • No proper nouns
  • No offensive words
Play Clue Detective Bull’s Eye!

Good luck, and happy word building!

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