Play Puzzles on Your Nintendo to Boost Digital Literacy


You might have been contemplating buying a Nintendo DS for your kids.  It really is a great educational investment for the whole family’s (digital) literacy education.


What you might not know is that there is a huge selection of online puzzle games for the DS and many of them are great for exercising your mind.  (Not to mention that they are just fun to play).

  • You can buy Scrabble, Brain Training, Picross (a kind of picture crossword puzzle that is sweeping Japan), Mahjong, Tetris and more.
  • You can read classic books on the DS.  You can even learn how to cook by following along with Jamie Oliver.
  • Our favourite is the Puzzler Collection which has thousands of puzzles for you to play and be challenged by, crosswords, sudoku and more!
  • The Nintendo DS games can be played competitively, too.  Did you know that they can interact wirelessly?  That means that you and a friend can compete against each other in some of the games.

If you are a person on the move, the Nintendo DS system will be very handy for you.  It is small and portable with many great puzzle games available.

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