Puzzles for Movie Buffs : Clue Detective Filmograppuzzle Cryptograms!

Earlier this week we announced that we were ready to launch our range of cryptogram puzzles.

Today, we roll out the red carpet to the Clue Detective Filmograppuzzle!

filmograppuzzle headshot

In developing this puzzle, it occurred to us that it would be good to base them on a popular theme, one that would appeal to a large number of people.  Then one day it came to us… movies!

Each Filmograppuzzle centres around an actor and a short list of movies (filmography) they have appeared in.  The puzzle is based on an Alphabet Swap Code, where one letter represents another.  We give you a small number of given letters to start you off.  Your challenge is to study the patterns in the letters and then use your logic skills and knowledge of the English language to decipher the words.

One thing we noticed early on is that the filmography of different actors cross-pollinates.  Each filmograppuzzle is based on a unique code, this adds and element of fun and mystery.  Different puzzles may include the same movie titles, but the different code hides it; that is the challenge!

Catch Me If You Can (2002)
Filmograppuzzle 1 Filmograppuzzle 2 Filmograppuzzle 3
Leonardo DiCaprio Tom Hanks Amy Adams

This forms the basis of three different puzzles… look out for them soon!

As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions.  If you have a favourite actor that you think would make a good Filmograppuzzle, please let us know.

**Solve This Week’s Filmograppuzzle**
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