Solve Puzzles To Ward Off Panic Attacks

Panic attacks affect many people,  and can be extremely debilitating for your brain health.  However, we have some good news.  Research has discovered that the humble puzzle can be helpful in keeping them at bay.

An article published on Science Today at the University of California says that the best way to combat panic attacks is to work on “brain-sharpening activities”.  Crosswords, codewords, and sud0ku fit right into this category, wouldn’t you agree?

There are two reasons that puzzle games will help to combat panic and anxiety.  The medical reason is that logic puzzles, such as crosswords and sudoku stimulate the area of the brain that manages logic and concentration.  Strengthening that part of the brain will help to reduce the impact from the more emotional, panic-stricken side.   The non-medical reason is that turning your mind to something absorbing and challenging will use up the time and concentration that you would otherwise allow for worrying.

The great thing about crossword puzzles is that they are so portable.  You can print out a puzzle or take a puzzle book with you in your handbag or even tucked into your pocket.  You can even solve them on your iPad.  So whenever you feel an attack coming on you can be ready for it.  If your palms start to sweat or your breathing becomes rapid take time out and work on your puzzle.  After a while you will feel a release that will help you to cope.

The good news is that your panic attacks will pass.  They aren’t permanent.  Solving your favourite puzzle can help fight them off.

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