Solve Clue Detective Online Puzzles At Your Local Public Library

The Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal is becoming available in many public libraries as an e-resource where borrowers have automatic access through their membership.

Click on your state to see if your library is a member.


Your local public library is a fantastic place to solve Clue Detective online puzzles.   You are guaranteed a great relaxing environment where you can sit and use a PC or your tablet.  You are surrounded by a wealth of information resources. Use the library’s collection to research any tricky clues you find in a puzzle.  It’s a great way to boost your general knowledge and vocabulary.

Whether you visit your library on a daily basis, or live in a remote location, it is still possible to enjoy the benefits of solving Clue Detective puzzles online.  Our program works with your library’s management software so that you are able to use your library card and barcode to access the puzzle material.  If your library doesn’t have this facility, they will be able to supply you with username and password access.

If you think your library would benefit from having online puzzles as part of its collection, why not suggest it to a member of your Library staff.

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