South Australian Library Launches Digital Puzzle Club

Starting a digital puzzle club at your library or community venue introduces a wonderful asset to your range of activities.  Once your patrons become accustomed to it, they will look forward to solving puzzle games and quizzes on a regular basis.
Clue Detective Methods of Use
The Clue Detective online platform can be solved on a PC, laptop or tablet. For group participation, using a large screen or flat screen television is very helpful. Individual iPads can also be used to help patrons boost their digital literacy.  It is an ideal activity to help seniors get more proficient with their technological devices. 
Once a library subscribes, the portal can be integrated with the LMS, and patrons can access it from wherever they are just by using their library login details.
Case Study: Brighton Library – City of Holdfast Bay
Utilising their annual subscription to the Clue Detective’s Online Puzzles Portal, the staff at South Australia’s Brighton Library (City of Holdfast Bay) have launched their digital puzzle club.  Get togethers are held once month, and a typical session can include A (Clue Detective) On This Day Trivia Quiz, crosswords and codewords.  “Our group really enjoys the On This Day Trivia Quiz…” Puzzle Club Co-ordinator Christine Kennedy says.  “We always aim to improve our result with every quiz we tackle….”
Benefits of Solving Puzzle Games As A Group
Playing online puzzles as a group is very rewarding. Each puzzle is a unique problem, and to solve it relies on being able to draw on everyone’s knowledge. Being a member of a puzzle club helps participants to build their individual general knowledge, and to share what they already know by actively contributing to the group. They also improve their logic and vocabulary skills. Solving puzzles is a wonderful way to maintain good brain healthParticipants enjoy a (regular) activity that is fun, allows them to socially interact and make new friends.  
Holdfast Bay Puzzles and More Group

Photo: City of Holdfast Bay library patrons enjoying group (Clue Detective)
puzzle solving activity Courtesy C. Kennedy, City of Holdfast Bay

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