Become a Clue Detective Puzzle Agent!

Share the Benefits of Solving Puzzles with Others and Earn Dollars


If you enjoy solving puzzles, and have a website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page, it is possible for you to earn money by promoting the Clue Detective online puzzle memberships.

Join the Clue Detective’s puzzle affiliate program and get paid for promoting the benefits of solving puzzles to others… what could be better than that!

The Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal offers a huge number of fantastic educational games – crosswords (quick, general knowledge, cryptic), codewords and sudoku.  There is something for everyone!

All puzzles can be played and solved on a PC, laptop or your favourite mobile device.

We pay you a 20% commission for every sale we receive, that you refer to us. 

Becoming a Clue Detective Puzzle Agent is a great option for people who wish to supplement their existing income, or wish to work as they travel.  The job goes wherever you go.

Register here, and once we here from you, we will be in touch!

Become A Clue Detective Puzzle Agent
Become A Clue Detective Puzzle Agent

Promote the benefits of puzzling to your family, friends, schools, companies, even your local public library. Earn a commission on every sale you refer. All materials and training provided.

Once we receive your registration and payment, we will send you your tracking link and other materials.

**Fee waived for schools, charities and service clubs.

Price: $49.00

Ideas for promoting Clue Detective Puzzle Agency memberships could include:

  • Selling to friends, family and work colleagues on a one-to-one basis.
  • Offer to run a puzzle club at your local neighbourhood house or community centre.
  • Holding a ‘party-plan’ type event.  You may like to ask a friend to act as a host/hostess and they invite a group of friends who enjoy solving puzzles to their home.  Based on the level of sales you achieve, you can reward that person with a prize (eg. a Clue Detective Annual membership).
  • Promote Clue Detective Puzzle Agency memberships to schools and/or clubs as a fundraiser.  
  • Blog on a regular basis about solving puzzles, including your affiliate link displaying Clue Detective ads.

Being a Clue Detective affiliate can suit educationalists, charity workers, health professionals, university graduates, students, backpackers and retirees.  It can easily be incorporated with your existing schedule.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or feel free to phone Catherine direct on 0474 199 389.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Team!

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