Benefits of Solving Puzzles In the Workplace


Modern day employers need to be constantly aware of their responsibilities when it comes to workplace health and safety.  Safety checks, ergonomic equipment and safety training have all helped to reduce any health risks in the workplace.  Some employers have set up special facilities such as dedicated lunch rooms/time out spaces and even gyms so that their staff can maintain their physical and mental health.  A healthy employee is far more likely to be productive so there is a good return on the employers investment.

  • Brain Health Equally Important as Physical Health

We are all being asked to work for longer, which means that managing our body is even more paramount.  It is about managing physical and mental health and keeping stress under control  Gyms and swimming pools are great for managing the physical side, however if we are wanting to maintain good brain health, and ward off dementia in later life, we need to involve ourselves in activities that promote learning and thinking  that will keep the brain sharp and active.  This is where the ‘time-out’ space will come in very useful.

  • Encourage Your Employees to Play Puzzles When They Take A Break

Solving puzzles is perfect.   Employees can choose to play puzzles individually, or in a group.  This encourages social interaction, allowing workers to get to know each other, and form friendships.  All great benefits in the workplace.

A puzzle subscription from the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is great value. The site is regularly updated with new puzzle material which can be used by employees.

Try a Free Puzzle
  • The subscription can be purchased through your workplace’s library so it is centrally located.  The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency can supply a username and password, or if employees have access cards with a barcode, they can be integrated so users can be verified through an IP address.
  • Employees can play puzzles on their iPads, PCs or laptops.
  • Puzzles can also be used as content for your newsletter/website.
  • It is also a great opportunity for workers to join together in a puzzling activity during their breaks.  Puzzle Clubs are great fun.  They bring people together, where everyone can use their knowledge to enhance their logic and problem solving skills in an interactive and enjoyable way.

You might be surprised at how quickly puzzles in your workplace beome in demand.  Happy and healthy employees will have less problems with stress, and produce better results in the workplace.  By making a small investment in your workplace’s mental health, you will see great returns in your business.

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