Boost the Brainpower of Your Group With Puzzle Games

The best thing about a group is the strength of its members.  This grows out of their health, focus and wellbeing.  

If you are looking for a way to boost or maintain the brain health and mental strength of your group, choose puzzles. They are the enjoyable way to polish up your mental skills.


How Can The Clue Detective Help Your Group?

A Clue Detective Puzzle Agency Organisational membership is designed for groups like yours.  It will gives groups like yours access to a growing database of puzzle games that includes crosswords, codewords, Sudoku, trivia quizzes and word searches.  Puzzles are fun and can become quite addictive, but that’s good because playing them is great for your health!

Customised Puzzle Games Designed  To Benefit You and the Clue Detective Community

Because we create our own puzzles, we can work with you to design puzzles to suit your group’s needs.  For example, we can write puzzles on a particular topic or for a specific age group.  That guarantees that the puzzles will be just right for your needs.  It also benefits our entire puzzling community because we make the puzzles available to all members.

Unlimited Access to Puzzle Games All Year Round

These puzzles can be accessed at any time, all year round, and can be played on an iPad/tablet or downloaded and printed out for those who prefer to use pen and paper. If yours is a big group, such as a library, your members can access the puzzles across all your branches. We can set it up so they can also access the puzzles from home.

Think of them as a library of fun and challenging puzzle resources just sitting there at your fingertips.

Use Clue Detective Puzzles In Your Newsletter/On Your Website

You can add them to your newsletter, use them as a form of competition, add puzzles to a member page on your site, or print and share a puzzle each week across the membership.  The choice is yours. 

Additional Benefits of the Clue Detective Educational Puzzle Membership

We even supply you with promotional flyers branded with your logo to give to your group, encouraging them to try out the puzzles. 

You can assess as to whether the Educational Membership is being actively used by your members, because we can track your group’s usage via your IP address.  This will allow you to see how often the puzzles are being used so you can assess the return on your investment.

Give your group some fun and excitement through the challenge of puzzles


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