Boost Your Digital Literacy Solving Clue Detective Puzzles In Your Public Library

The crossword puzzle’s popularity shows no sign of abating, even now in the digital age.  It’s very easy to plug in and enjoy playing puzzles using your favourite technological device.

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The aim of digital inclusion is to integrate digital skills with our everyday activities. There is no doubt, the solving of the daily crossword still maintains its universal appeal, so why not have fun solving one on your computer, laptop or tablet?  Every day, millions of people strive to crack these great brainteasers.

If you find an activity you enjoy playing, using your device, it will make you want to use it more.
It will:

  • Help you get to know your device
  • Improve your keyboard skills
  • Enhance your Internet ‘surfing’ research skills
  • Keep your brain and mind healthy and active.

There are many benefits of solving online puzzles. Not only will it improve your computer literacy and proficiency, it will also provide you with a great deal of enjoyment.

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, a proud partner of Go Digi has created an Online Puzzle Portal.  It is growing more popular in Australian public libraries, with library users finding it a wonderful tool to enhance their general knowledge, logic and critical thinking skills.  It’s also a lot of fun!

Your public library is the perfect place to get to know your new electronic gadget. There are many programs and e-resources available, such as the Tech Savvy Seniors Program.  It’s a fabulous way to become part of your local community and make new friends, as well as keep your brain active.  The best thing is they are all free as part of your membership.  Public libraries are great to visit at any time of the year.  Whether it is hot or cold, you are always promised a pleasant, comfortable environment.

One of the advantages with the Clue Detective portal is that in many cases you only need your library card to log in, and you can do so from anywhere.  Visit your local library’s website to see if you can access the Clue Detective’s Online Puzzle Portal. If they don’t yet subscribe, you can ask the staff to see if it’s possible for the library to purchase it.  It’s a fun, educational way to get more digitally literate, and start you and lots of other library members on a great voyage of discovery!

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