Boost Your Logic With Cryptogram Puzzles

Have you ever solved a cryptogram?  They are a lot of fun and, I would say, potentially  addictive! Once you start, you simply have to sit there until you have cracked the code! You really get an appreciation of the work done by the dedicated codebreakers at Bletchley Park during World War II.

missing puzzle piece

In all the cryptograms I have come across, you are dealing with a second alphabet order.  ie. one letter represents another.  You need to look at the patterns in the letters and then use your logic skills and knowledge of the English language to decipher the words. 

Cryptograms are very similar to codeword/codebreaker puzzle, which as you know, is a firm favourite here at the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, you are dealing with just letters rather than letters and numbers.  They really provide you with a mental workout!

The thing I was most excited about with the cryptograms is that not only are they satisfying to solve, they are also great fun to write.  They are short and sharp, they lend themselves very well to quotations, book and movie titles and names of famous people.

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