Clue Detective Celebrates Two Puzzling Milestones!

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is celebrating a two exciting milestones!

Introducing Cryptic Crossword Puzzles by Nixie (Denise Sutherland)

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Denise Sutherland (alias Nixie) as our newly recruited cryptic crossword setter. Denise has been published in many publications in Australia and worldwide, as well as being an author of a range of puzzling titles.  You can read more about Denise on our Meet the Team page.

Denise will be contributing regular cryptic crosswords, as well as providing us with blog posts, giving us great tips on solving the most fiendish of cryptic clues!

Solve Clue Detective Puzzle Agency puzzles on your iPad/Tablet or Smartphone

We are also very pleased to advise that Clue Detective puzzles can now be solved on an iPad/Tablet or Smartphone, making them extremely portable entertainment wherever you go.

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