Clue Detective Puzzle Agency Codewords

Clue Detective online codeword puzzles are great to solve, because they test your logic, spelling and vocabulary at the same time.  Each letter of the alphabet is used at least once, and is represented by the same number wherever it appears in the puzzle grid, for example P might be 18 and B might be 9.

Choose from three sizes of puzzle:

You are given a small number of letters to start you off, and your challenge is to crack the code by studying the numerical patterns, using your knowledge of word structure and the English language.  Once you have succeeded you will be able to decipher all the words in the puzzle grid.

Codewords are the perfect puzzle to play when you are out and about, as they are fully portable, you don’t even need a dictionary.  Just remember to pack your iPad/tablet and you will have the perfect activity to keep you occupied during the daily commute or long haul flight.  They will make the time fly by!

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