Codewords No Starting Letters Really Test Your Logic

I have been writing codewords for many years now, and it always intrigues me to watch them being solved.  This was particularly so this week during my Puzzle Club session.  I put a codeword puzzle up on the screen only to realise that I had not provided any given letters.


The Puzzle Club members, however, are always up for a challenge, and heartily embraced this one.  By studying the grid they were able to pick up a number of prominent numerical patters which led them to be able to decipher a word.  The rest of the grid all made sense, so they continued on until they had completed it, coming to the realisation that although the given letters are helpful, if you use your logic skills, have a knowledge of English language and word structure, you can still crack the code. There’s just a bit more mystery about it.

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