Could Solving Crossword Puzzles Make Your Brain Younger?

Solve Crosswords to Improve Brain Function and Fight Dementia

Recent research indicates that one of the best ways to improve brain function and fight dementia is by solving crosswords puzzles.  It could even make your brain up to 10 years younger!

Age affects us all in many different ways. It can impact on our memory, levels of concentration, thought processes and general mental health.  Our modern lifestyle is contributing to the increasing levels of Alzheimer’s and Dementia in our society.  However, don’t despair, because there are activities that we can participate in to help keep our brains healthy.  And best of all, solving crosswords one of them!

Research Suggests That Solving Crosswords Helps Dementia Prevention

The future of dementia prevention is looking brighter, following a 2017 research study being conducted by King’s College London and Exeter Medical School.  Their findings show that “doing regular crosswords can help improve brain function in later life, so much so that crossword fans could have a brain to match someone 10 years younger…”

benefits of solving puzzles

Solve A Crossword Puzzle a Day To Keep Dementia at Bay

When crosswords are solved regularly, preferrably daily, these puzzles focus the brain for just the right amount of time and intensity to achieve long lasting benefits. The time to fight Alzheimer’s and dementia is now! 

Each Crossword Is A Unique Puzzling Experience

No crossword puzzle is the same, each has a different set of clues to tackle. Each day you as the puzzle solver is provided with a new problem to solve. and are therefore giving your brain constant stimulation.  The other advantage of these structured puzzles is that you can track your improvements, such as your speed at solving and information recall.  Never be worried about a crossword clue being repeated in a puzzle grid.  It is an opportunity for you to search the massive filing cabinet that is your brain. You might find it hard to complete a crossword when you first start, but keep at it.  In a few weeks time you will be able to look back and see how much you have improved.  


Start Your Daily Crossword Puzzle Solving Regimen Today!

So what are you waiting for? There is definitely a crossword puzzle to suit your needs, quick, general knowledge or cryptic, the choice is yours.  Not only will doing the puzzle keep your brain healthy, it will help you improve your general knowledge, vocabulary and logic skills.  Remember, exercising your brain with crosswords can help you fight dementia and Alzheimers, and provide long-lasting benefits to your brain health and wellbeing.  And best of all, it is great fun!

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