Crack Codewords This Christmas

Become inspired over the Christmas break with some puzzle fun from ‘Crack the Codeword’ puzzle book proudly bought to you by  

Everyone loves the challenge of a good puzzle. I love it when I’ve been able to solve a brain teaser and then pass it on to others to see how long it takes them. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition!

I created this book of 48 brain teasing puzzles to help improve your logic and increase your word power.

This fun puzzle book make the perfect gift for all ages. It’s great to keep your mind working over a long holiday breaks, especially during relaxed down time. Holidays are often full of so much physical entertainment, with hectic travelling and lots of family outings that it’s a nice change to sit quietly with a puzzle book instead.

While taking some much needed rest, you can still keep your most important muscle -our brain – fit, firing and alert.  The Alzheimer’s Association recommends keeping your brain active to avoid the mental decline that old age can bring.  That’s all the more reason to spend your time puzzling!

This is what one customer had to say about “Crack the Codeword”. 

“I very much enjoy your codewords – the best I’ve found. I suffer a lot of long-distance flights and they are perfect to while away the hours between London and Sydney!” (Thanks Richard.)

Available in both electronic e-book form, or as soft cover print version, Crack the Codeword is a gift that can be given all around the world.

Are your relatives experiencing a ‘white Christmas’ during a cold winter somewhere in the northern hemisphere? They can sit inside in front of the fire with their feet up, hot drink nearby and puzzle book in hand. Or perhaps they are somewhere down here in the Southern hemisphere?  Well trade that fire for the air conditioner!”

There is plenty of time left to order your gift and have it delivered overseas so it arrives in time for Christmas.

Purchase your copy of Crack the Codeword for puzzle and problem solving fun this Christmas.  If this whets your appetite our puzzle database has many more codeword puzzles for you to solve.

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