Crossword Puzzle Help Available!

Sometimes a crossword puzzle clue just stumps us. We have no idea what the answer could be. Sometimes it is a tricky word and sometimes we have answered an intersecting word incorrectly. If you hate to leave a crossword puzzle half done, here are a few techniques for getting past this obstacle.

Crossword Puzzle Help is a great crossword dictionary site which has a snazzy online crossword clue solver. As long as you have a couple of letters filled in the solver will track down words which will fit your clues. For example _a_a_a will give you 26 possibilities including banana, cabana and papaya. The spelling is American but for most words that is not a problem. If you are really stuck, Crossword Puzzle Help might be just what you are looking for.  They have even introduced a new iPhone app, so you can solve crossword puzzles on the go.

In general, these tips for tackling a crossword will get you started:

1. If possible, start with an answer that you know. Be confident that the letters are correct.

2. Next, tackle the words that intersect the answer you have filled in. You will at least have a letter or two to build on.

3. Work on one area at a time and build on what you already have.

4. If you are doing a crossword that you do regularly (such as a regular Saturday one) think about the words that often pop up in it. Puzzle makers sometimes have favourite words that they use especially the shorter ones.


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