Custom-Made Clue Detective Trivia Quizzes Designed For Your Special Occasion!

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency can create a trivia quiz customised to a topic/s of your choice.

These games are be perfect for marking a significant occasion, for example an  ‘0’ Birthday or wedding anniversary – That Was the Year That Was 1967!

They could also be used as an alternative to a Christmas place-card, or bon-bon.  It is a great way to get everyone around the table thinking and having fun together.

solving general knowledge trivia quiz around the dinner table

For the Clue Detective to design your quiz, you will need you to supply us with some information to work with.   We will also do research on your topic and make suggestions.

Here is a basic list of questions that we would ask you to provide information:

1. What is your favourite food/s?

2. What is your favourite sport/s?

3. What sporting teams do you follow?

4. Where are your favourite holiday destinations?

5. Who are your favourite movies/actors?

6. Who are your favourite songs/musicians?

7. Who is your favourite authors?

8. In which country/city were you born?

9. What are your hobbies?

Quizzes can be a variety of lengths, as long or as short as you like, twenty questions or an entire trivia night event.

Once we’ve created your quiz, we will send it to you in electronic format so that you can approve the final version. 

Once we have your final approval, we will put the finishing touches to the quiz and send it to you electronically in pdf and word format. You will then be able to use these files in whatever way you choose, and print your required number of copies.

We hope you find the idea of incorporating a custom-made quiz into your special celebration fun, and we look forward to working with you!

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