Daily Puzzle Club

One of the Clue Detective’s primary objectives is to encourage the solving of puzzles regularly to keep our brains active and healthy.  It’s great if we can do this on a daily basis.

We are excited to introduce the
Clue Detective Daily Puzzle Club!

Effective from 1 March 2019, each day Clue Detective subscribers are provided with a small number of pre-selected puzzles to solve.  These are sourced from the Online Puzzle Portaland are then scheduled in the Clue Detective Puzzling Calendar below.

Clue Detective Puzzling Calendar


Puzzles can be solved individually or in a group.  If your library is a Clue Detective subscriber, you can access the puzzles using your patron credentials.  It not, perhaps you can make a suggestion to staff to purchase.

Note: This feature is for Clue Detective subscribers only. You must be logged in.

New to Clue Detective? It’s time to solve your first puzzle!

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