Discover the Benefits of Group Puzzling

In many cases, puzzles are solved by an individual person.  However, solving puzzles and different types of word games in a group can also be extremely beneficial.

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In February 2015, the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency launched an online puzzle club at the Portarlington Neighbourhood House.  Members meet once a month where they solve puzzles to:

  • Build their (individual and collective) general knowledge
  • Increase their vocabulary
  • Sharpen their logic skills with codewords and sudoku
  • Socially interact with one another.

A Clue Detective online puzzle club can be set up and run from anywhere.  Many public libraries are now offering the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal as an online resource.  In most cases this means that if you are a member of participating library, you can log in using your barcode and pin.   If you find your library does not offer the service, perhaps make a suggestion for purchase.

Suggestions On How You Can Use The Portal

Book your group into use the Clue Detective portal at your public library or local neighbourhood house.  Some of these facilities can provide access to a large flat screen television.  This is very helpful for facilitating group participation.

Solving Clue Detective online puzzles is also an activity that can be used as part of a computer class, such as the Tech Savvy Seniors program.  While participants are solving their favourite puzzle, and having fun, they are also becoming more familiar with using their device, which will translate into using it for other activities.

You may decide to meet at a member’s home, the lounge-room of your retirement village, or as a class at your neighbourhood house, U3A  or Men’s Shed.  Always remember your library card.  If your library is a Clue Detective member, you can login from wherever you are.

To gain free access to the Clue Detective portal, visit your local library’s website to see if you can they are a Clue Detective member. If they don’t yet subscribe, ask the staff to see if it’s possible for the library to purchase  the portal as an e-resource.

Forming a puzzle club is fantastic way for a group of people to improve their digital literacy, and  the library will welcome this.  It demonstrates that the portal is actively being used.  If nobody in your puzzle group is a library member, once you join you can all solve Clue Detective puzzles to your heart’s content and make use of your library’s great facilities at the same time.

It’s a win win for everyone!


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