Enjoy Solving Puzzles All Year Round

Clue Detective Puzzles : the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Do you have a friend or family member who enjoys puzzle games and quizzes?  If you are looking for a great gift idea, you can’t go past a Clue Detective Online Puzzles Portal membership.


Solve Puzzles In Either Hemisphere

A Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal membership is the gift that gives all year round.  Your puzzler can enjoy solving while relaxing on a banana lounge at the beach, or by the fire roasting chestnuts. depending on which Hemisphere there reside in.  The Clue Detective can deliver anywhere!

Solve Puzzles Wherever You Are

Clue Detective puzzles are very versatile and portable because they can be solved wherever you are using an iPad.  Your portal membership is also very useful if your puzzler is learning how to use a digital device, If they are already accustomed to solving puzzles, it will be a great way to boost their digital literacy skills.

Birthday Quiz Included!

Your special puzzler’s gift membership can also now have a special feature.  The Clue Detective puzzle range now includes the On This Day Trivia Quiz.  If you are interested in having the Birthday Quiz included, check our Birthday Quiz calendar, and if there isn’t a quiz for your puzzler’s birthday, let us know in plenty of time and we will compile one for you.

Give The Gift of Good Mental Health

An annual membership to the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal is the gift that gives pleasure all year round.  We promise your puzzler hours of fun and mental gymnastics solving our great crosswords, codewords, sudoku and trivia quizzes.

In our role as sponsor for Australian Rotary Health (ARH), our mission  is to raise awareness for mental health.  With so many people affected by a range of mental disorders, we want to give back.  When you purchase one of our memberships, we will make a donation to ARH to help raise funds for invaluable mental health research.

Thank you and together, let us help Lift the Lid on Mental Illness



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