Full Steam Ahead for Clue Detective Puzzles in Campaspe Shire Libraries

The Clue Detective is very excited to have ‘landed’ in the libraries of the Shire of Campaspe.

As a Campaspe Library borrower, you can now utilise the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal at any of the five Campaspe branches – Echuca, Rochester, Rushworth, Kyabram and Tongala.  It is also possible to gain access to the puzzle facility using your library card and barcode from wherever you are, outside the library.  It’s a great way to participate in a fun e-learning activity.

paddle steamers echuca

You can solve from your PC at home, or on your iPad when you are out and about.  You can enjoy a puzzle whilst in a cafe having a coffee, on train, even a paddle steamer travelling up the Murray.  They are a bit like Green Eggs and Ham, you can play them anywhere!

Over the last 100 years or so, libraries have made huge technological advances, but the humble crossword has not been left behind.  Puzzles can now be solved using a laptop and a big flat screen television, which makes an ideal activity for adults and seniors.  If you are keen to boost your general knowledge, vocabulary and logic skills, why not suggest to your library staff that they set up a puzzle club for borrowers.  It is a great way to get people together, learning new things, and keeping the brain cells fit and active!


Photo: J. Mustey

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