Fundraise the Clever Way

Clue Detective Offers Innovative Fundraising Idea

Coming up with new ways to raise money for your school or community group can sometimes be daunting.  But help is at hand.  The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is giving you the opportunity to raise money by promoting the benefits of solving puzzles, using our individual puzzle memberships as products.

Benefits of Fundraising with Puzzles

Solving puzzles is a popular pastime for many people, and has many benefits. They are educational, promote good brain health, suit a range of age-groups and make great (Christmas) gift ideas.   Best of all, they provide hours of great fun!  Unlike the traditional lamington and chocolate drives, they are sugar-free!

Clue Detective puzzles can be accessed on a PC, iPad and (most) tablets.  A membership can be purchased online by puzzle lovers anywhere in the world!

Access Clue Detective puzzles from wherever you are

How To Get Started

Firstly, you need to join our affiliate program. Simply get in touch and we will set you up with an account. We provide you with all the necessary training to get you started.    For each membership sale you refer, you earn $20.  Transations are handled through the Clue Detective’s online shop via PayPal.  At the end of your event, we send you your earnings, via direct deposit.

Tips To Fundraising Success

The Clue Detective works with you and your team to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Appoint A Committee 

If you are coordinating a big group of participants, running your fundraiser is probably a job that shouldn’t be left to one person.  A small group eg. 3-5 members is ideal to brainstorm ideas and share the workload.  However, with the tools we provide, it is very easy for an individual to run a very successful fundraising campaign.

Promote Promote Promote! 

Running a fundraiser in the digital age has many advantages. Reaching a large number of people is easier than ever. If you have social media (Facebook, a website/blog) at your disposal, you can keep your community up to date with regular posts and articles.

Clue Detective can even provide you with a special landing page linked to your affiliate account that you send your supporters to.  This includes content about what you are trying to achieve, photos, and of course a link to purchase memberships.

This makes it very easy to email/message a friend or relative telling them about the drive and what you are raising funds for.  Even an ‘ex-pat’ uncle working in Dubai can help his favourite nephew’s school fundraiser.  You just need to send him the link.  Once he clicks on it, he will be taken to your fundraiser’s landing page.  He then follows the prompts to make his purchase.

Set A Time Frame

We recommend you set a time limit for your fundraising drive, rather than adopting a ‘set and forget’ approach.  For example, you might want to run the event for 6 weeks.  This gives you the opportunity to engage with people and build momentum.  Encourage them to talk to their friends and family and to make sure they purchase their membership/s by the due date

How Much You Can Raise

A Clue Detective fundraising drive can cater to any monetary goal you set yourself. 

Here is a rough guide to your fundraising potential. It is based on the cost of a Clue Detective Individual Membership which attracts a commission of $20 per sale.

5 memberships =$43.95

100 memberships = $879

200 memberships = $1758

500 memberships = $4395

Make Your Goal Measurable

You should make your fundraising goal as specific, and as measurable as you can.  For example, “we need to raise $6,000 to send the school’s orchestra to Europe in July 2019″.  This tells people what the fundraiser is for, how much participants need to raise and what the deadline is. Dividing the amount by $8.79 gives you your number of memberships.  You will also be able to work out that you need to sell 683 memberships to reach your goal.

Planning is extremely important. You should also make sure your goals are measurable, and are based on the people and the time you have at your disposal.  If you have a small group and a longer lead time, you consider running several smaller fundraising events to avoid burning people out.

Promote the Benefits of Puzzling and Achieve Your Fundraising Targets!

We trust that you will enjoy this clever alternative to traditional fundraising, and look forward to helping you meet your fundraising goals!