Help Clue Detective Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

Turning a Negative Into a Positive : How The Clue Detective Landed  

Like millions of people around the world, Rotarian. Catherine Eagleson, the founder of the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency,  one day found herself in the middle of a deep, dark, disabling depression, which turned out to be Bipolar Disorder.

In the months following her life-changing diagnosis, she was forced to give up full time work as a librarian, and needed to find a way to re-invent herself.  The answer came in the form the humble crossword puzzle.

Putting the Pieces Back Together

Catherine had always been a keen (crossword) puzzle solver.  As she embarked on the road to recovery, she discovered the pleasure and challenge of writing them. Not only did they help her brain function, but they also helped to develop her confidence.  She decided to share her puzzles and in 2004, the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency was born.

Over the years, Catherine has worked to develop her Online Puzzle Portal. Puzzlers can sign up to an annual subscription, and the portal is also offered in a growing  number of public libraries. Puzzles are added to the portal regularly, and include crosswords, codewords, sudoku and trivia quizzes. Recent additions include the Filmograppuzzle, a cryptogram based on an actor and a list of movies in which they have appeared. Another is the On This Day Trivia Quiz, which is a selection of trivia questions based on a particular day of the year and perfect to help a friend or family member celebrate their birthday.

Enter Australian Rotary Health

In 2006, Catherine gave a talk about writing puzzles at the Rotary Club of Drysdale.   Soon after she was given the invitation to join, and  embraced the opportunity with great enthusiasm.  At one of the first meetings she attended, the work of Australian Rotary Health was mentioned. When she found out it did so much to support people with mental illness, Catherine then made a pact with herself, that if she was ever in a Rotary position, where she could make a decision, she wanted to do something to help ARH.  Several years passed, and following a few (health) roadblocks, Catherine was inducted as President of Drysdale Rotary in June 2017.

During the 2017-18 Rotary year, Catherine was very proud to set up the IGKNITE (Knitting for Mental Health) project which actively supports ARH.  It started with the knitting of beanies, with hundreds being sold and donated to worthy causes such as Lifeline and the St Patrick’s Day bushfire victims in SW Victoria.

Catherine’s dedication to Rotary is as strong as ever.  She has joined her (9780) District Committee for Australian Rotary Health, and truly believes that if it wasn’t for her involvement in Rotary, life could have been very different.   Her Rotary service and puzzle writing are now intrinsically linked with the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency now an ARH corporate sponsor.  She has discovered the power of giving back by embracing Rotary’s motto “Service Above Self”.

Solve Puzzles and Help Lift the Lid on Mental Illness!

By solving Clue Detective puzzles, not only do you experience the great benefits of puzzling for your own health, you can help Clue Detective raise valuable funds to help ARH.  When you subscribe to Clue Detective, we will donate 20% of the sale.  100% of this donation goes to assist mental health research.

Subscribe to Clue Detective and Support ARH!

When you click on the above ‘Subscribe’ link, it will take you to our subscriptions page.  Follow the (normal) prompts to purchase, and it will notify us to make our donation.  Thanks for your support!

Important Note:  Once you have paid your subscription, you will then receive an email from us to complete your registration by selecting your username and password.  You will then be ready to start puzzling.

If your Rotary club has an idea about how puzzles can be used as an ARH fundraiser, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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