How To Play Sudoku


Sudoku may not be a puzzle game for everyone but for hardened Sudoku fans, once you start you just can’t get enough.

So what is the secret to solving Sudoku? 

Patience is definitely a good place to start.  At first glance a Sudoku puzzle may look complicated but it is easier than you may initially think.  In fact, you don’t need to be a great mathematician to do a Sudoku puzzle – it is a game of logic, a skill which we all possess naturally.

  • A classic Sudoku puzzle is made of a grid 9 squares wide by 9 squares deep.  The grid is comprised of a series of rows and columns and is divided further into nine 3 x 3 squares determined by a darker line.  Your goal: to fill in all the blank squares with corresponding numbers.
  • One of the first rules you need to know is that the numbers (1-9) can only appear once on each column or row so that will help with the elimination process and each box must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9.
  • Guessing with Sudoku is not recommended as one wrong number can lead to a series of wrong numbers making it almost impossible to backtrack and correct but just in case, have your eraser at hand.
  • Work your way through the puzzle and figure out the numbers which are quick to determine at the outset and progress from there.  If you find that there may be 1, 2 or 3 number possibilities for a box then write them in pencil in the top left hand corner of the box to help disqualify certain digits.
  • Practice and let me know how you go.  A word of warning, they can be fun and very addictive!
  • So addictive in fact!  Did you hear the one about the jurors who were found to be playing Sudoku rather than listening to the trial at hand!  True story!

At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, we have nearly 100 Sudoku puzzles ready for your to solve online as part of our puzzle membership. They are perfectly portable, with a grid small enough to solve on your smartphone or tablet. Once you’ve started Sudoku you won’t want to stop!


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