Introducing Krypton Cryptics

At the Clue Detective Puzzle Agency, we love to promote the benefits of puzzles, and generally we are talking about solving them.  But when somebody who enjoys solving crosswords discovers that they are rather good at compiling them as well, the benefits are definitely two-fold.

Enter Karen Clarke, the creator of Krypton Cryptics, the newest cryptic crossword on the block.


Karen is one of the founding members of the Clue Detective Puzzle Club which was launched at the Portarlington Neighbourhood House in February 2015.   All the members were keen to learn how to solve cryptics and Karen was very helpful in showing us the ropes.

Then one day, Karen said to me that she would like to write a cryptic.  I encouraged her to do so.  I had already worked out that she had one of the essential qualities for crossword compilation – the ability to see the double meaning in things!

Karen has now written quite a collection of puzzles, with many more in the offing.  It has been great to work with her and help her realise her talent, which she can now share with cryptic crossword puzzlers everywhere!


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