Kids’ Crossword Puzzles

You Are Never Too Young to Start Solving Crosswords

Encouraging  your children to solve crosswords from a young age has many benefits for them.   First and foremost it gets them developing their thinking and logic skills.  It presents them with a problem to solve.  They may only be dealing with the spelling of  words, but they are also questioning what is right and wrong by asking “How do I spell that?”  Every word in the grid needs to be spelt correctly, otherwise the puzzle doesn’t work out.  

Let Clue Detective Turn Your Spelling List Into A Crossword

Solving crosswords is a brilliant way to learn and revise spelling words, as well as their meanings.  We always love to hear about the words that your children are learning.  If your child has a spelling list, and is finding some of the words tricky to learn, send us the list.  We will turn it into a crossword for them and the entire Clue Detective puzzling community.  Crosswords are not only educational, they are loads of fun.

Solve Kids Crosswords 1-10

 Kids Crossword #10
 Kids Crossword #9
 Kids Crossword #8
 Kids Crossword #7
Kids’ Crossword #6
Kids’ Crossword #5
Kids’ Crossword #4
Kids’ Crossword #3
Kids’ Crossword #2
Kids’ Crossword #1

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