Learn New Words With The Clue Detective

Do you enjoy learning new words?  I certainly do.  It’s great to be able to increase our vocabulary.  You never know when an unusual word is going to appear in a crossword or codeword.  It’s fantastic feeling when you realise you have already heard it, or better still, know its meaning, without having to go and look it up in the dictionary!

Not that I mind looking up words in the dictionary. I love looking through them to find words that I haven’t yet come across.  It’s also a good opportunity to revise the words that I actually know.

Did you know that we regularly post interesting words on our Clue Detective Facebook page?  This is to help you expand your vocabulary, and rest assured these words will certainly appear  in a Clue Detective crossword or codeword puzzle sooner or later.

I have posted a word just this morning, but got a little bit more than I bargained for.  The word is POLYHEDRON, a three dimensional solid with flat faces and straight edges.  However, I wanted to check the meaning and came across this great site MathWorld – the web’s most extensive mathematics resource, which if you are mathematically minded, you might like to visit.  What I was delighted to find was another list of fantastic words – the names of different types of polyhedrons.  Thanks MathWorld for providing the Clue Detective with this great puzzle content!


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