Maintaining Good Brain Health in the Workplace

Business today is fast paced, as we all know.  It is centred around computer screens, telephones and electronic communication.  Workers need good brain health  so they can keep up with everything.  Numbers, passwords, names, locations, log in details and much more all jostle for room in our poor brains.


For many of us it can be difficult to keep up.  Our workforce is aging and for some of us, our bad habits are showing up in the slowing of our minds.  If we want to cope with the job we need to improve our mental agility.

For employers this throws down a big challenge.  They have invested heavily in the training and development of existing employees and they need capitalise on that right through until the employee retires.   How can they do that?  How can they help maintain the level of brain health in their employees?

Jennifer Goddard of the Buzan Centre was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald as saying. “As an aging workforce becomes Australia’s reality, it is essential that new cognitive skills are learnt and practised to maximise the resources of mature workers. The good news is we can arrest cognitive decline,” Goddard says.   She says one of the key ways employers can maintain good brain health among their aging employees is through a positive attitude and work culture.”

It is the employers responsibility to provide a work environment that will encourage workers to maintain their own brain health and self-development.  Employers should take positive action by offering a range of duties and work experiences to their workers.  They can go further and provide brain stimulating games for their workers to do during their breaks.

Imagine a lunch room or break-out space that has tables, chairs and some puzzle games?  In one corner there is a selection of crossword puzzles and sudoku.  There may be some employees who may like to start playing Scrabble regularly.    Perhaps there are 30 minutes of each day set aside for trivia questions?  Just imagine the atmosphere in such an interesting and enthusiastic work place?

For employers, it makes great economic sense to invest in the brain health of their workers.  Balance the cost of training new employees providing some puzzles or board games for the ones you currently have.  There is no decision to make, is there?   Retain the skills, experience and expertise of your existing employees and give them a work environment that will maintain collective brain health to the best of its ability.  You will all come out winners!

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