Pass on the Benefits of Solving Puzzles to the Next Generation

I don’t know how old you were when you started solving crosswords and other word puzzle games.  I was about 7, and it has formed an important part of my life.  I always enjoyed spelling at school and I was always encouraged by my parents and even my grandparents.  When I was in about Grade 1, my grandmother set me the challenge to learn to spell the words ‘government’ and ‘amazement’.  It was then my love of multi-syllabic words was born, I’m sure. There is a word for it -sesquipedalian (given to using long words).

As we know, solving puzzles such as crosswords, codewords and word finds is a great way to improve vocabulary and ultimately literacy and general knowledge. As adult puzzlers we have already discovered the benefits, and teaching the next generation is extremely important.

We are always keen to hear from puzzlers about the material they would like to see on the Clue Detective Online Puzzle Portal.  If you come across an long, interesting word, short ones are fine too. Perhaps you have thought of a topic for a word find, we would love to hear about it.

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