Clue Detective’s Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative

Every day in our community, we are reminded that mental illness exists. You might be watching a friend or family member struggle. You may even suffer yourself. So often, we see evidence of it being reported on the night-time news. We all need to do our bit to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness.

Clue Detective Lands to Help ARH!

Australian Rotary Health (ARH) is dedicated to raising awareness about mental illness in our community, as well as generating funds for vital research.

Most of us are aware of the popularity of the puzzle.  These humble brain teasers have been around for centuries in many different formats.  People love them as much as ever.  They are fun, challenging and give our brains a good work-out.

The Clue Detective Puzzle Agency is a proud sponsor of Australian Rotary Health and has worked with them to develop the Puzzling for Mental Health Initiative. Subscribe today and do your bit to Lift the Lid on Mental Illness.

Solve Puzzles and Help Lift the Lid on Mental Illness